Family law but not as you may know it !

Family law but not as you may know it !

I received a telephone call this week from a gentleman who was calling on behalf of his daughter.  He was concerned about protecting his daughter and grandchildren who were going through a difficult separation.  He told me that his daughter was worried about contacting a solicitor because she “did not want to rock the boat”.

This was not an unusual conversation.  Many people worry about those closest to them going through a separation and how it might impact upon their future and want to be able to help them.   I speak to many people including my own friends who share the same concerns and preconceived opinion that instructing a solicitor will antagonise an already difficult process.  A solicitor who is not a Resolution Member or perhaps a solicitor who does not specialise in family law may fit that description.  However specialist family solicitors who are Resolution Members and understand the best way to approach an emotionally difficult process know that when people are dealing with family separation and change it is about much more than just the law. 


We understand that it is an emotionally difficult process first and foremost and then a legal process and journey which requires careful individual consideration.  We know that when couples separate or divorce or where they have to make decisions over the care of their children, they need the right advice, delivered with care, sensitivity and compassion.  We all commit to following a strict code of practice which means that we will work with you and others to reduce the emotional and financial impact of separation and strive to help you find the best way to resolve things for you and your family. 

The fact is that as family lawyers and mediators we genuinely care about our work, our clients and understand that our day-to-day work can have an everlasting impact on a family.  We are here to help you get through the process and we do not work in isolation.  I have a network of family consultants, counsellors, coaches and financial advisors to help you achieve an outcome that works for you and for the future of everyone involved.

The call I had with that gentleman and the conversations I often have on my travels worries me how many people do not approach a solicitor for crucial advice and assistance for fear that ‘we might rock the boat’.  The resolution of a divorce and your financial future and your children’s future is hugely important and getting it right can be enormously beneficial.

At Kingsley David I offer an initial fixed fee appointment at a cost of £150 plus VAT.  This appointment is not time limited.  This appointment is suitable for anyone who is considering a divorce or separation or who is going through the process and needs help finding a way forward.  I can advise you on the legal and emotional process of a separation, give you practical advice in respect of your children and the steps you may need to take in relation to the children or resolution of financial matters, likely outcomes and guidance as to the way forward.  Importantly I spend time considering all of the out of Court options available to you since most people do not want to go to Court and many want to be able to move matters forward without relying heavily on a solicitor.

Some go on to deal with the divorce themselves, others use me for advice as and when they need or on a fixed fee basis, some move forward with mediation or collaborative law, some may need the assistance and appointment of an arbitrator and others just need time to consider whether they want to move forward.  There is never any obligation to formally instruct a solicitor.  I wonder how many people do not realise this and inadvertently may make the process more worrying and daunting than it needs to be by not seeking advice.  We are here to help and some of the most complicated or difficult cases I have had to deal with have resulted from not receiving advice and getting things on track right from the outset.  How you deal with things from the beginning can often set the tone for how things will move forward.

If you are one of those people who needs some help and guidance but is worried about approaching a solicitor, or you are worried about someone you love who is going through the process, please contact me on 01908 325555 free of charge and I can speak to you about how I may be able to help.  I realise that it can also be difficult finding the right time to speak with busy family and work lives so I can find the best time to ring you.  I am also able to offer early morning and evening appointments and regularly run an evening surgery where you can come and meet with me and receive advice at a fixed fee. 

Blog written by Clare Kitteridge our Family Lawyer and Mediator who is a Resolution Member and Accredited Specialist in Advanced Financial Provision and Children Law (disputes between parents and relatives).


Resolution Specialists are members who have chosen to test their skills and expertise through a rigorous assessment of their knowledge, abilities and the way that they work with you and other people.

To qualify, a Resolution Specialist must:-

·       Be a full and current member of Resolution.

·       Have a thorough general knowledge of family law including divorce, domestic abuse, child law and family finances, the range of dispute resolution solutions that might help, for example, mediation.

·      Be able to show that they have been working in family law almost or entirely exclusively and as a result have developed expertise in their chosen area.

·       Keep up to date with law and practice.

·       Have detailed knowledge, experience and expertise in two specialist areas of family law.


Why choose a Resolution Specialist?

You should choose a Resolution Specialist because:

·       They will deal with what you need to sort out in a way that limits or prevents conflict and distress and helps you move forward, confident that you have reached an outcome that works for you and your family.

·       They will have the expertise and experience to deal with your matter effectively and efficiently, which may be more cost effective.