Lasting Powers of Attorney

Lasting Powers of Attorney

Who looks after you if you become incapable of doing so yourself?  Whether your property and finances or your general health and welfare?  The Court will choose if you don't do Lasting Powers of Attorney.  

A recent case involving a daughter who was so concerned about her mother’s welfare in a Home that she removed her, resulted in a ‘visit’ by Social Services supported by the Police to take her mother from her. It was not the daughter’s right or place to take control over her mother’s welfare.  She did not have an appropriate Lasting Power of Attorney.  A salutary lesson.

 If there is no Lasting Power of Attorney, a person who has lost the ability to look after their affairs can be the subject of a Court application so that a Deputy can be appointed whose role is to look after those affairs.  The Court route takes longer and is more expensive. We advise you to choose your attorneys and make the appropriate Power of Attorney.  Take control and sort out your affairs.

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Blog written by Simon Stone, Specialist Private Client Solicitor and Managing Partner of Kingsley David Solicitors