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Gateway is our service by which we enable those clients who cannot be assisted by the skills we have in-house to be taken care of by another trusted lawyer or other professional.

We cannot be experts in everything nor do we necessarily want such a large practice that we try to offer all services to all clients. We do have the ability to refer you to excellent professionals appropriate to your needs if we are unable to directly assist you.

Over our years in practice we have developed a network of colleagues who practice in other arrears of law or who are qualified and experienced in difference disciplines, such as accountancy, taxation or investments, family consultants and pension actuaries.

Our Gateway service enables us to share our knowledge in order that you can be assured that you select someone recommended, not simply someone listed in a directory or from the web. We only work with partners who share our values and ethos so you can be confident in the integrity and expertise of the professionals in our Gateway network. We feel confident in recommending their services and we always seek feedback from clients to ensure that they too are happy with the Gateway professional.

To find out more about Gateway please contact us.

Our Gateway services include:-

  • Intellectual property
  • Litigation
  • Employment law
  • Corporate law
  • Taxation
  • Pensions
  • Family Law
  • Mediation
  • And many others