A Will is often one of the most important legal documents you will ever need a solicitor to prepare for you. It specifies who you want to benefit from your estate when you die and can ultimately ensure the financial future of those you care most about.

It is your choice as to whether or not you make a Will. If you do not make a Will the law will prescribe who gets what, when you die, and this may be fine if you have no preference about who benefits from your estate. If you would want your wife or husband to get everything - they may not. If you have children, then a spouse can inherit only a proportion of your estate with the rest passing to your children (it is a little more complicated than that as it can depend on the amounts involved and if the spouse is a co-owner of assets, but the point remains the same).

If you wanted to benefit a god-daughter or close friend, for example, then they would not be on the list of people who inherit if you die without a Will. The only way to make a gift to them is to do it while you are alive or in a Will.

Even if you have a Will, you will need to be certain that it is legally valid, covers all of your estate and takes into account all eventualities.  For example, what happens if one beneficiary predeceases another? There are many instances of Wills being challenged, either through necessity or as a result of a technicality and such cases generally tend to cause additional upset, cost and turmoil for those you hold most dear.

It is a common misconception that Wills are only relevant as you get older. This is certainly not the case and anyone considering making a Will should seek proper qualified advice.

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